The Art of Printmaking
Maude Artist Trisha Krauss£250
Dancing for Miffy Artist Dick Bruna (1927 - 2017)sold
The Ram Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£350
The Sheep Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£350
Vijaya and the Elephant's Oath Artist Tomislav Tomić£95.00
Thousand Furs Artist Shaun Tan£395
The Elves Artist Shaun Tan£395
Hans my Hedgehog Artist Shaun Tan£395
The Moon Artist Shaun Tan£395
Prancing Hare Artist Anita Jeram£195
Fox Artist Anita Jeram£195
Fox Family looking at the Moon Artist Anita Jeram£195
Cuddly Fox (Monoprint) Artist Anita Jeram£195
A Wessex Saddleback Artist Christopher Wormell£175
Turkeys Artist Christopher Wormell£350
The little mermaid loved to hear tales Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
Dwarf Nose served the pie Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
The Long Lasting Rain Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
He came back again Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
The Unicorn ran with all its might Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
Noah's Checking List Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
The Bride Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
All the bells rang for the wedding Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
Little Red Cap was met by a Wolf Artist Lisbeth Zwerger£375
Plantation des Arbres Artist Olivia Lomenech Gillsold
Gun Team Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£250
The Cow Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£350
Butterfly and Stagbeetle Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£400
The Owl and The Pussycat Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£2000
Sketches of horses at Windsor Mews Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£575
All the Kings Horses Envelopes Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£1500
Nokia Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£575
Noah's Ark Artist Brian Wildsmith£350
The Questing Beasts Artist John Lawrence £550
Lyra's Oxford - Birds Artist John Lawrence £225
Bright wonders for folk to behold Artist John Lawrence £350
Lyra's Oxford 3 Artist John Lawrence £350
Lyra's Oxford (Front Cover) Artist John Lawrence £495
Long John Silver Artist John Lawrence £550
The Apple Barrel Artist John Lawrence £425
Left without retreat on the Hispaniola Artist John Lawrence £350
Apples and Pears; Stairs Artist John Lawrence £350
The Queen's Champion Artist John Lawrence £550
Kick and Prance; Dance Artist John Lawrence £350
The Sword in the Stone Artist John Lawrence £550
Clarice Bean - That's Me! Artist Lauren Child£550
The seven headed monster Artist Debra McFarlane£850
Together in the forest Artist Debra McFarlane£750
I Loved These Moments Artist Debra McFarlane£575
Uraschimataro and the Turtle Artist Debra McFarlane£750
It Was My Own Little City Artist Debra McFarlane£575
The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad Artist Debra McFarlane£750
The Snowqueen Artist Tomislav Tomić£850
The Hummingbird & The Heron Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£295
Dove Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£250
The Owl (and the pussycat) Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£295
Through the Forest Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£295
Big Top Benn the Trumpeter Artist David McKee£750
Big Top Benn Juggling Artist David McKee£750
The King of All Birds Artist Tomislav Tomić£95.00
Darkness Artist Shaun Tan£375
Wallace and Gromit: The Train Chase (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£1500
The Moonsquirters Artist Lauren Child£295
The Riverbank Artist Maurice Sendak£125
Alethiometre Artist John Lawrence £550
Lee Scoresby's Balloon Artist John Lawrence sold
Hector Protector Artist Maurice Sendak£150
Wallace and Gromit's Washomatic (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£475
One Small Step Artist Shaun Tan£375
The Journey Artist Shaun Tan£375
Eric's Garden Artist Shaun Tan£375
Alert But Not Alarmed Artist Shaun Tan£375
Self Portrait Artist Shaun Tan£375
The Old Country Artist Shaun Tan£375
The Place of Nests Artist Shaun Tan£375
The Place Artist Shaun Tan£375
Walking Home Artist Shaun Tan£375
Coming Home Artist Shaun Tan£375
Mr Benn and the Fancy Dress Shop Artist David McKee£550
Delights of flying - Peter Pan Artist Debra McFarlane£1450
Jaguar Artist Brian Wildsmith£95
You're welcome to this kennel Artist Christopher Wormell£350
Life Goat Artist Shaun Tan£375
The Subtle Knife Artist John Lawrence £550
Book of Dust (Front Cover Artwork) Artist Christopher Wormell£475
Wake Artist Shaun Tan£375
Spyglass Artist John Lawrence £550
Lionel Artist Bruce Ingman£75
The Picnic Artist Ronald Searle (1920 - 2011)Sold
Proud Parents Artist Shaun Tan£375