22nd Annual Winter Exhibition
Mr Benn Sketch Artist David McKeesold
'Critical Mass' - Front Cover Artwork Artist Kevin O'Neill£3750
Rose gave Old a flower Artist David McKee£3250
The Judith Kerr Treasury Artist Judith Kerr£11.99
The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Slipcase) Artist Judith Kerr£8.99
Alfie and Bernard Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
'Hopeful' Artist Shirley Hughes£850
Alfie's Garden Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
Shakespeare's Songs Artist John Lawrence sold
How do I look? Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
I will see if I can find some preserves Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
This is the life Artist Christopher Wormell£4250
Elephants Artist David McKee£450
It was a very hot summer Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
Clarice Bean - That's Me! Artist Lauren Child£550
The Owl and The Pussycat Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£2000
Gemini Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£75
I don't want that! Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£650
Paddington at the station buffet Artist Barry Maceysold
Hanging the Socks out for Santa Claus Artist Shirley Hughes£750
Family Fu Artist Ron SmithSold
Time to talk Artist Chris Riddell (B. 1962)£1850
Crocodile Jaws Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1450
Alfie, Annie Rose and Friends Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
The Moonsquirters Artist Lauren Child£295
Jonadab and Rita Artist Shirley Hughes£750
Goofy Smiley - Green Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Delights of flying - Peter Pan Artist Debra McFarlane£1450
Paddington's Marmalade Period Artist Barry Maceysold
Mr and Mrs Bear with Baby Bear Artist Jane Hisseysold
Bathtime Boats Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
Miffy Skiing Artist Dick Bruna (1927 - 2017)£2850
Elmer appeared with snowballs Artist David McKee£2500
Rose safely joined the herd Artist David McKee£3250
'Winnie the Pooh and Tigger' Artist E. H. Shepard£35,000
Bella's Teddy Artist Shirley Hughes£1550
Wilfred Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
'Breakfast Time' Artist Sir Quentin Saxby Blake (B.1932)sold
Alfie and Annie Rose Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
The Kiss Artist Sir Quentin Saxby Blake (B.1932)sold
The Cake Bomb - A Matter of Loaf and Death Artist Aardman Animations£3250
Paddington Doffs His Hat Artist Barry Maceysold
Paddington School Artist Barry Maceysold
One Christmas Wish Artist Emily Sutton£8.99
Walk Through the Wintery Wood Artist Jan Pienkowskisold
Alethiometre Artist John Lawrence £550
Coraline Artist Chris Riddell (B. 1962)£7.79
The King Appeared Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£1500
Ladies' Day Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£650
My Government will… Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£550
Paddington Bear at the station Artist Barry Maceysold
Baby Large playing with his football Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)sold
Her new tights Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
UKIP policy at work Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£650
Flower Show Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£650
Believe in me Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£550
Mr Benn with Map Artist David McKeesold
Granny is coming! Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
Slog's Dad Artist Dave McKean£850
Woo! they yelled Artist Dave McKean£2000
Danger Mouse Dangling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1450
Flying Through Space Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)
On Elmer's way home Artist David McKee£3250
Danger Mouse falling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1450
The Indian Elephant Artist Robert Ingpen£450
A Very Hard Stare! Artist Barry Maceysold
Daisy Artist Shirley Hughes£850
Your Hat! Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)Sold
Timmy Time - Painting Artist Aardman Animations£1250
The Timmynator - I'll Be Baaaack! Artist Aardman Animations£1550
The Wild Things (Signed) Artist Maurice Sendak£4250
Max and the Wild Things (Signed) Artist Maurice Sendak£4250
Daisy Saves the Day Artist Shirley Hughes£850
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£15
'We've escaped' Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1850
Oh My Goodness! Artist Alexis Deacon£295
Don't forget the dinner dance Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
Granny arrived Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1850
Goofy Smiley - Sky Blue Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
A Land Ruled By A King Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£1500
The hour was late Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1450
Nelson Artist Alexis Deacon£495
Open All Hours Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£550
Paddington Topiary Artist Barry MaceySold
Nelson (Study) Artist Alexis Deacon£275
Shaun on the run Artist Aardman Animations£1450
What a weird peculiar thing Artist Dave McKean£1250
Haunted House (Pop book) Artist Jan Pienkowski£8.99
Hillbilly Wild Thing Artist Maurice Sendak£975
Off To Bed (signed) Artist Maurice Sendak£4250
GEIS - Front Cover Artwork Artist Alexis Deacon£850
Leopard Cubs Artist Brian Wildsmith£3000
The bird opened its eyes Artist Dave McKean£850
Looking Up Artist Dave McKean£750
The clock face Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1450
Paddington Station Lost Property Artist Barry MaceySold
He Found A Cardboard Box Artist Emily Sutton£475
Could I have it? Artist Emily Sutton£1850
Hugging the Dragon Artist David McKee£1500
Mini Mr Benn (10) Artist David McKee£450
The Shopkeeper's Costumes Artist David McKee£1850
Mr Benn and the Shopkeeper Artist David McKee£2450
The Changing Room (Clown) Artist David McKee£3450
Mr Benn is asking for a direction Artist David McKeeSold
Elmer, Wilbur and the Lost Teddy Artist David McKee£3250
Aqua Elmer Artist David McKee£850
Envelope - Card Player Artist David McKee£350
Shakespeare's Songs I Artist John Lawrence £195
Shakespeare's Song IV Artist John Lawrence £250
Shakespeare's Songs II Artist John Lawrence £275
Summer Holiday Artist Ingram Pinn£850
Hair Triggers Artist Ingram Pinn£850
War of Words Artist Ingram Pinn£850
Divided Nations Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Trump Dodgem Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Presidential Gifts Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Launching Brexit Artist Ingram Pinn£650
The British Dream Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Lost in Transition Artist Ingram Pinn£750
'Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!' Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£4250
She peered through the blossoms Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£2250
Beauty sleeps in the dark Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£4500
'Through the Tempest' Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£4250
'The Wet Sand' Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£2750
The Return Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£850
Tam and Rory Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£1850
Dreaming - (Back Cover Artwork) Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£4350
Cash and Carry Artist Roger Hargreaves£850
I think the knives are in your basket (2) Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£1,550
Summer Story Cover Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£875
Spring Story Cover Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£550
Golden and misty over the fields (1) Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£1,250
Everyone had something to carry Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£2,050
Dark cloud covered the sky Artist Neil Packer£850
The Stone Ship Outside the Harbour Artist Neil Packer£1850
Thetis flung herself at Zeus's feet Artist Neil Packer£2000
Mole in The Wild Wood Artist Inga Moore£1500
Beep Beep! Artist Inga Moore£3250
A motor car arrives at Toad Hall Artist Inga Moore£1250
Bitzer study (no. 2) Artist Aardman Animations£1250
Bitzer study (no. 1) Artist Aardman Animations£1450
Bitzer Artist Aardman Animations£1250
Shaun study Artist Aardman Animations£1550
Creature Comforts - Nick Park's 'Jaguar' Artist Aardman Animations£2450
Under The Sea Artist Christopher Corr£500
The History of Codadad and His Brothers Artist Christopher Corr£400
Tiger Artist Christopher Corr£950
Mermaid Artist Christopher Corr£650
The Enchanted Horse Artist Christopher Corr£650
Be Kind To Our World Artist Brian Wildsmith £6500
Amazing World of Words: Space Rocket Artist Brian Wildsmith£3450
Pelican Artist Brian Wildsmith£7500
The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor Artist Brian Wildsmith£7,500
Wildcat Artist Brian Wildsmith£5500
Owl - Title Page Artist Brian Wildsmith£5500
Wild Duck Artist Brian Wildsmith£2450
The Animals Call a Meeting Artist Brian Wildsmith£7250
The Lark and The Laurel Artist Gareth Floyd (b. 1940)£550
Flying Vicars Artist Anthony Browne (b. 1946)£6500
Left, Klunk! Left, Klunk! Artist Korky Paul£850
Portrait of a Girl Artist Kathleen Hale (1898-2000)£1500
The aching hunger (1) Artist Helen Ward£2,050
As he ran Artist Helen Ward£2,050
Snow on the tree (1) Artist Helen Ward£1,450
Fall asleep with cheese dream (1) Artist Helen Ward£1,050
Luxurious accommodation (1) Artist Helen Ward£1650
The Snow Queen Artist Debra McFarlane£1250
The Moon Listened Artist Debra McFarlane£1250
A Real Bonfire Artist Debra McFarlane£750
Sorry, Father Christmas Artist Tony Ross£550
The Warm Snowman Artist Jane Hissey£1850
Aladdin and his Bride Artist Jan Pienkowski£2750
Meg, Mog and Owl with Eagle Artist Jan Pienkowski£2450
Christmas Eve Artist Jan Pienkowski£2250
Meg's Spell Artist Jan Pienkowski£1550
Morgiana's Dance for the Robber Captain Artist Jan Pienkowski£2450
The Giant came back (3) Artist Alexis Deacon £650
He was a very selfish giant Artist Alexis Deacon £2,250
Only the little boy did not run Artist Alexis Deacon £1,850
My Hat! Artist Alexis Deacon£395
Father Christmas and his cat Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)£2450
A warm welcome from Father Christmas 1 Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)£2450
The House in the Snow Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)£3450
Father Christmas settles down to watch TV Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)£2450
Summer Snowman Artist Bruce Ingman£750
The Cat Academy Artist Bruce Ingman£850
Looking at the Moon Artist Bruce Ingman£550
Bear with the French horn Artist Bodel Rikys£550
Weight Watching Pot Holder Artist Deryck Henley£1250
Look After Artist Deryck Henley£550
Bear essentials purse Artist Deryck Henley£450
Paddington Apron Artist Deryck Henley£1250
Squeezed it into the pram Artist Michael Grater£475
Gorilla Hunt Latest Artist Michael Grater£650
Queen's Guards Artist Michael Grater£550
Do you remember? Artist Michael Grater£525
Abbey Ruins in a Yorkshire Landscape Artist Mary Weatherill (1834-1913)£2250
Shire Horses in a Stable Yard Artist Pieter van Os£850
The Cottage Artist Ernst A Chadwick (1876-1955)£1850
'I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In' Artist Ian Beck (B. 1947)£750
Back at the station Artist Benedict Blathwayt£850
Rolled up in the carpet! Artist Graham Oakley (b, 1929)£1850
Water for the bolier! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£450
Wood for the boiler! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1250
Home on the Farm (Summer) Artist Benedict Blathwayt£850
Paddington Shopping Trolley Artist Barry Macey£550
Paddington Mixing Flour on Stool Artist Barry Macey£450
Paddington and Aunty Lucy Picnic Artist Barry Macey£550
Paddington Holding Jar of Marmalade Artist Barry Macey£450
Italy! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
'Will the Little Red Train get there on time?' Artist Benedict Blathwayt£650
The Museum and The Scrap Heap Artist Benedict Blathwayt£850
Bear went higher and higher Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
Collecting firewood Artist Benedict Blathwayt£450
In to a dark tunnel Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1850
Stopped by the shoreline Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1250
Running late! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£425
On The Roof! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£850
Snow on the line! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£49.50
The Little Red Train is strong Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
Lifting Containers! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
The points had frozen Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1450
The Camel Artist Dave McKean£750
She looked into herself Artist Dave McKean£850
Oo for Octopus Artist Charlotte Voake£850
The Infant Louis XIV inspecting a parade at the Louvre Artist Stefano Della Bella (1610-1664)£4500
The Merry-go-round Artist Harry Horse (1960 - 2007)£450
I Will Not Ever NEVER Eat A Tomato Artist Lauren Child£295
Character practice Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
As soon as he said it ... Artist Michael Foremansold
Mayday! Mayday! Artist Ron Smith£550
Lucia and Salvatore were married Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£3250
Megaton Megastore Artist Ron Smith£350
Wallace and Gromit's Washomatic (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£850
Mungo's Mansion Artist Edward Jeffrey Irving Ardizzone (1900-1979)sold
Study in Red and Pink Artist David McKee£4500
Early Man - Dug and Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£3450
Pencil Case (Pink background) Artist Roger Hargreaves£650
That's it - these clowns do time! Artist Ron Smith£650
Wallace and Gromit: The Train Chase (Nick Park) Artist Aardman Animations£1500
Via Helmet Mike to Judge Hershey Artist Ron Smith£350
The Space Station Artist Ron Smith£1550
Grud! Judges! Artist Ron Smith£550
Study in Red and Brown Artist David McKee£4500
Mr Large was shaving Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)Sold
I often get carried away Artist Roger Hargreaves£750
Dancing Cats Artist Christopher Corrsold
Ring-a-ring-a-roses Artist Shirley Hughes£1500
A Large Breakfast Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£195
Let The Wild Rumpus Begin (Signed) Artist Maurice Sendak£4250
Study in Scarlett Artist David McKee£5500
Shifting Blue Squares Artist David McKee£5500
Bond disliked the assignment Artist John McLusky£3250
Out of their windows Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)
Peepo! Artist Janet Ahlberg (1944-1994)£850
Study in Green Artist David McKee£5500
The Picnic Artist Ronald Searle (1920 - 2011)Sold
Study and Pink and Turquoise Artist David McKee£7500
I Love Mr Men Artist Roger Hargreaves£750
My School Bag Artist Roger Hargreaves£750
Alfie and the Big Boys Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
You Don't Have To Wait For Autumn Artist Oliver Jeffers£850
Paddington's explanation Artist David McKee£850
Okay Dredd he's all yours Artist Ron Smithsold
'Look!' said the baby Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)sold
The Graveyard Book (Signed Edition) Artist Chris Riddell (B. 1962)£18
Burglar Bill Artist Janet Ahlberg (1944-1994)£850
Early Man - Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£2750
Get the Tek Judges Artist Ron Smithsold
Bond and Honey meet Dr No Artist John McLusky£3750
Study in Blues and Reds Artist David McKee
The mud..It's boiling hot Artist John McLusky£3750
A-Tishoo We all fall down! Artist Shirley Hughes£1500
Alfie wins a prize Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
Bathers on the beach Artist Edward Jeffrey Irving Ardizzone (1900-1979)sold