22nd Annual Winter Exhibition
Mr Benn Sketch Artist David McKeesold
'Critical Mass' - Front Cover Artwork Artist Kevin O'Neill£3750
Rose gave Old a flower Artist David McKee£3250
'Hopeful' Artist Shirley Hughes£850
Shakespeare's Songs Artist John Lawrence sold
I will see if I can find some preserves Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
This is the life Artist Christopher Wormell£4250
Elephants Artist David McKee£450
It was a very hot summer Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
Clarice Bean - That's Me! Artist Lauren Child£550
The Owl and The Pussycat Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£2000
I don't want that! Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£650
Alfie's Garden Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
Paddington at the station buffet Artist Barry Maceysold
Hanging the Socks out for Santa Claus Artist Shirley Hughes£750
Family Fu Artist Ron SmithSold
Alfie, Annie Rose and Friends Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
Jonadab and Rita Artist Shirley Hughes£750
Goofy Smiley - Green Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Paddington's Marmalade Period Artist Barry Maceysold
Mr and Mrs Bear with Baby Bear Artist Jane Hisseysold
Rose safely joined the herd Artist David McKee£3250
Bella's Teddy Artist Shirley Hughes£1550
Wilfred Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
'Breakfast Time' Artist Sir Quentin Saxby Blake (B.1932)sold
The Kiss Artist Sir Quentin Saxby Blake (B.1932)sold
The Cake Bomb - A Matter of Loaf and Death Artist Aardman Animations£3250
Paddington Doffs His Hat Artist Barry Maceysold
Paddington School Artist Barry Maceysold
One Christmas Wish Artist Emily Sutton£8.99
Walk Through the Wintery Wood Artist Jan Pienkowskisold
Coraline Artist Chris Riddell (B. 1962)£7.79
The King Appeared Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£1500
Ladies' Day Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£650
My Government will… Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£550
Paddington Bear at the station Artist Barry Maceysold
Baby Large playing with his football Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)sold
Mr Benn with Map Artist David McKeesold
Her new tights Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
UKIP policy at work Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£650
Flower Show Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£650
Believe in me Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£550
Granny is coming! Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
Slog's Dad Artist Dave McKean£850
Woo! they yelled Artist Dave McKean£2000
A Very Hard Stare! Artist Barry Maceysold
Daisy Artist Shirley Hughes£850
Your Hat! Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)Sold
Timmy Time - Painting Artist Aardman Animations£1250
The Timmynator - I'll Be Baaaack! Artist Aardman Animations£1550
Daisy Saves the Day Artist Shirley Hughes£850
'We've escaped' Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1850
Oh My Goodness! Artist Alexis Deacon£295
Don't forget the dinner dance Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
Goofy Smiley - Sky Blue Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
A Land Ruled By A King Artist Jane Ray (B. 1960)£1500
The hour was late Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1450
Nelson Artist Alexis Deacon£495
Open All Hours Artist Christian Adams (b.1966)£550
Paddington Topiary Artist Barry MaceySold
Nelson (Study) Artist Alexis Deacon£275
Shaun on the run Artist Aardman Animations£1450
What a weird peculiar thing Artist Dave McKean£1250
Haunted House (Pop book) Artist Jan Pienkowski£8.99
GEIS - Front Cover Artwork Artist Alexis Deacon£850
The bird opened its eyes Artist Dave McKean£850
Looking Up Artist Dave McKean£750
Could I have it? Artist Emily Sutton£1850
Hugging the Dragon Artist David McKee£1500
Mr Benn and the Shopkeeper Artist David McKee£2450
Mr Benn is asking for a direction Artist David McKeeSold
Elmer, Wilbur and the Lost Teddy Artist David McKee£3250
Aqua Elmer Artist David McKee£850
Envelope - Card Player Artist David McKee£350
Shakespeare's Song IV Artist John Lawrence £250
Shakespeare's Songs II Artist John Lawrence £275
Hair Triggers Artist Ingram Pinn£850
Summer Holiday Artist Ingram Pinn£850
Divided Nations Artist Ingram Pinn£750
War of Words Artist Ingram Pinn£850
Trump Dodgem Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Launching Brexit Artist Ingram Pinn£650
The British Dream Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Lost in Transition Artist Ingram Pinn£750
She peered through the blossoms Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£2250
'Through the Tempest' Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£4250
'The Wet Sand' Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£2750
The Return Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£850
Everyone had something to carry Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£2,050
Golden and misty over the fields (1) Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£1,250
Spring Story Cover Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£550
I think the knives are in your basket (2) Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£1,550
Summer Story Cover Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)£875
Dark cloud covered the sky Artist Neil Packer£850
Thetis flung herself at Zeus's feet Artist Neil Packer£2000
A motor car arrives at Toad Hall Artist Inga Moore£1250
Beep Beep! Artist Inga Moore£3250
Mole in The Wild Wood Artist Inga Moore£1500
Bitzer study (no. 2) Artist Aardman Animations£1250
Bitzer Artist Aardman Animations£1250
Shaun study Artist Aardman Animations£1550
Bitzer study (no. 1) Artist Aardman Animations£1450
Creature Comforts - Nick Park's 'Jaguar' Artist Aardman Animations£2450
Tiger Artist Christopher Corr£950
Under The Sea Artist Christopher Corr£500
Mermaid Artist Christopher Corr£650
The Enchanted Horse Artist Christopher Corr£650
The History of Codadad and His Brothers Artist Christopher Corr£400
Be Kind To Our World Artist Brian Wildsmith £6500
Amazing World of Words: Space Rocket Artist Brian Wildsmith£3450
The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor Artist Brian Wildsmith£7,500
Owl - Title Page Artist Brian Wildsmith£5500
Wild Duck Artist Brian Wildsmith£2450
Flying Vicars Artist Anthony Browne (b. 1946)£6500
The aching hunger (1) Artist Helen Ward£2,050
As he ran Artist Helen Ward£2,050
Snow on the tree (1) Artist Helen Ward£1,450
A Real Bonfire Artist Debra McFarlane£750
Sorry, Father Christmas Artist Tony Ross£550
Aladdin and his Bride Artist Jan Pienkowski£2750
Meg, Mog and Owl with Eagle Artist Jan Pienkowski£2450
Morgiana's Dance for the Robber Captain Artist Jan Pienkowski£2450
The Giant came back (3) Artist Alexis Deacon £650
He was a very selfish giant Artist Alexis Deacon £2,250
My Hat! Artist Alexis Deacon£395
Father Christmas and his cat Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)£2450
A warm welcome from Father Christmas 1 Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)£2450
The House in the Snow Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)£3450
Father Christmas settles down to watch TV Artist Snowman Enterprises (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman)£2450
Looking at the Moon Artist Bruce Ingman£550
Summer Snowman Artist Bruce Ingman£750
The Cat Academy Artist Bruce Ingman£850
Bear with the French horn Artist Bodel Rikys£550
Weight Watching Pot Holder Artist Deryck Henley£1250
Look After Artist Deryck Henley£550
Bear essentials purse Artist Deryck Henley£450
Paddington Apron Artist Deryck Henley£1250
Squeezed it into the pram Artist Michael Grater£475
Gorilla Hunt Latest Artist Michael Grater£650
Queen's Guards Artist Michael Grater£550
Do you remember? Artist Michael Grater£525
'I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In' Artist Ian Beck (B. 1947)£750
The Museum and The Scrap Heap Artist Benedict Blathwayt£850
Italy! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
Back at the station Artist Benedict Blathwayt£850
Home on the Farm (Summer) Artist Benedict Blathwayt£850
Water for the bolier! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£450
Paddington Shopping Trolley Artist Barry Macey£550
Paddington Mixing Flour on Stool Artist Barry Macey£450
Paddington and Aunty Lucy Picnic Artist Barry Macey£550
Paddington Holding Jar of Marmalade Artist Barry Macey£450
Wood for the boiler! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1250
Bear went higher and higher Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
Collecting firewood Artist Benedict Blathwayt£450
Running late! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£425
On The Roof! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£850
In to a dark tunnel Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1850
The Little Red Train is strong Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
Lifting Containers! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
The points had frozen Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1450
She looked into herself Artist Dave McKean£850
The Camel Artist Dave McKean£750
Oo for Octopus Artist Charlotte Voake£850
Character practice Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
Crocodile Jaws Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£950
The Shopkeeper's Costumes Artist David McKee£1850
Study and Pink and Turquoise Artist David McKee£7500
The Warm Snowman Artist Jane Hissey£1850
Early Man - Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£1450
You Don't Have To Wait For Autumn Artist Oliver Jeffers£850
Paddington's explanation Artist David McKee£850
Snow on the line! Artist Benedict Blathwayt£19.99
Only the little boy did not run Artist Alexis Deacon £1,850
The clock face Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)sold
That's it - these clowns do time! Artist Ron Smith£550
Megaton Megastore Artist Ron Smith£195
On Elmer's way home Artist David McKeesold
The Moonsquirters Artist Lauren Child£295
Alfie wins a prize Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
Lord and Lady Woodmouse woke to bright sunshine Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
'Look!' said the baby Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)sold
The Graveyard Book (Signed Edition) Artist Chris Riddell (B. 1962)£18
Bond disliked the assignment Artist John McLusky£3250
Alfie and the Big Boys Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
Study in Scarlett Artist David McKee£5500
Shifting Blue Squares Artist David McKee£5500
Study in Green Artist David McKee£5500
Alfie and Annie Rose Artist Shirley Hughes£1450
The Picnic Artist Ronald Searle (1920 - 2011)Sold
Danger Mouse falling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)sold
Bathers on the beach Artist Edward Jeffrey Irving Ardizzone (1900-1979)sold
Flying Through Space Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)
A-Tishoo We all fall down! Artist Shirley Hughes£1500
How do I look? Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)sold
The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Slipcase) Artist Judith Kerr£7.49
Get the Tek Judges Artist Ron Smithsold
Alethiometre Artist John Lawrence £550
Study in Blues and Reds Artist David McKee
The mud..It's boiling hot Artist John McLusky£3750
Out of their windows Artist Jill Barklem (B. 1951)sold
Mr Large was shaving Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)Sold
Study in Red and Brown Artist David McKee£4500
Wallace and Gromit's Washomatic (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£475
The Merry-go-round Artist Harry Horse (1960 - 2007)£195
Lucia and Salvatore were married Artist Angela Barrett (B. 1955)£3250
Danger Mouse Dangling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)sold
Wallace and Gromit: The Train Chase (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£1500
Shakespeare's Songs I Artist John Lawrence £195
Delights of flying - Peter Pan Artist Debra McFarlane£1450
The Snow Queen Artist Debra McFarlane£1250
Leopard Cubs Artist Brian Wildsmith£3000
The Animals Call a Meeting Artist Brian Wildsmith£7250
Mungo's Mansion Artist Edward Jeffrey Irving Ardizzone (1900-1979)sold
Study in Red and Pink Artist David McKee£4500
Early Man - Dug and Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£2450
Bathtime Boats Artist Shirley Hughessold
The Stone Ship Outside the Harbour Artist Neil Packer£1850
Bond and Honey meet Dr No Artist John McLuskysold
Elmer appeared with snowballs Artist David McKee£2500
Wildcat Artist Brian Wildsmith£5500
Granny arrived Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)SOLD
Pelican Artist Brian Wildsmith£7500
Dancing Cats Artist Christopher Corrsold
Stopped by the shoreline Artist Benedict Blathwaytsold
A Large Breakfast Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£195
Christmas Eve Artist Jan Pienkowski£2250