21th Annual Winter Exhibition
Rescue Mission Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Swiss Movement Artist Ingram Pinn£650
Prime Cuts Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Insecurity Fence Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Economic Migrant Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Middle East Clockwork Artist Ingram Pinn£650
Early fatherhood Artist Shaun Tan£4250
Creature Comforts - Nick Park's 'Jaguar' Artist Bill Kerwin (Aardman)£2750
Early Man - Dug and Hognob Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£3950
Tourists (Winged Eye) Artist Shaun Tan£3250
The Old Man and His Grandson Artist Shaun Tan£2450
Safe Hands Artist Ingram Pinn£750
The World's Greatest Heroes Artist Inga Moore£2450
Go Little Book ... Artist Edward Ardizzone£2750
The Devil and his Sooty Brother Artist Shaun Tan£2850
Two Travellers Artist Shaun Tan£1850
Forward Guidance Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Heel! Artist Ingram Pinn£750
The Royal Palace Artist Angela Barrett£2975
Stop, stop, stop! Artist Inga Moore£4500
Goofy Smiley - Sky Blue Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Scottish Independence? Artist Ingram Pinn£750
I Will Take You Home Artist Wayne Anderson£3450
My Hat! Artist Alexis Deacon£395
'The Wet Sand' Artist Angela Barrett£2750
Morph makes Chas sketch Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)sold
'What are you mumbling about ... ?' Artist Wayne Anderson£3450
'They Squawked and squeaked ...' Artist Wayne Anderson£3450
'And inside the eye was light ... ' Artist Wayne Anderson£3450
'Krook' Artist Joseph Clayton Clarke (1857-1937) aka 'Kyd'£550
Duffy Driver and the Little Red Train Artist Benedict Blathwayt£350
Clockwork Birds Artist Emily Sutton£550
Big Group Artist Axel Scheffler£1250
Dove Artist Jane Ray£395
The hour was late Artist Jill Murphy£1450
Nelly Fell Out Artist Penny Dale£2750
A Christmas Carol (Special edition) Artist Angela Barrett£280
Sheep Fell Out Artist Penny Dale£2450
The Crossing Artist Shaun Tan£350
News Dogs Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Boris is talking Artist Ingram Pinn£750
FIFA - Fallout Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Banks are leaving Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Into The Dove's Nest Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Nelson (Study) Artist Alexis Deacon£275
Oh! Artist Alexis Deacon£390
Stroke of Luck Artist Alexis Deacon£295
The Owl (and the pussycat) Artist Jane Ray£395
Referendum Dominoes Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Early Man - Hognob Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£3250
Puppy Love Artist Gavin Lines (Aardman)£850
Recreate Bake - O - Lite poster Artist Gavin Lines (Aardman)£1250
Getting Up Steam Artist Benedict Blathwayt
The Museum and The Scrap Heap Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1500
The End Artist Penny Dale£1250
Dedication Page Artist Penny Dale£1250
Happy Home Artist Helen Oxenbury£1850
'Will the Little Red Train get there on time?' Artist Benedict Blathwayt£450
The Little Red Train is strong Artist Benedict Blathwayt£2450
Home on the Farm (Summer) Artist Benedict Blathwayt£1850
Two of everything Artist Jane Ray£395
'A Penny For The Old Guy?' Artist Raymond Briggssold
The Open Road Artist Inga Moore£750
His Dark Materials Gift Set (Signed) Artist John Lawrence £175
Mr and Mrs Bear with Baby Bear Artist Jane Hissey£4500
Wet Bear Artist Jane Hissey£3450
Mr Brown and the Baby Bear Artist Jane Hissey£3250
Snowman's Christmas Artist Jane Hissey£2450
What a nice cabbage! Artist David Vinicombe£1850
Each Peach Pear Plum Artist Janet Ahlberg£350
Burglar Bill Artist Janet Ahlberg£350
Delights of flying - Peter Pan Artist Debra McFarlane£1250
Let The Wild Rumpus Begin (Signed) Artist Maurice Sendak£4500
Jumping Nutbrown Hares Artist Anita Jeram£475
Crossing the road Artist Bruce Ingman
I Know A Rhino - Title Page Artist Charles Fuge£1250
Until We Get Dizzy Artist Charles Fuge£1250
Jaguar Artist Brian Wildsmith£95
The Picnic Artist Ronald Searle (1920 - 2011)£3450
Bother! Overdone it again! Artist Frank Adams (1871-1944)£1450
Badgers Beech Artist Faith Jaques£550
As soon as he said it ... Artist Michael Foreman£850
The Lark and The Laurel Artist Gareth Floyd (b. 1940)£850
Creation Myth Artist Shaun Tan£4500
The New Flame Artist Shaun Tan£3250
Looking at the moon Artist Bruce Ingman
Goofy Smiley - Green Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Bye Baby Bunting Artist Brian Wildsmith£3450
Spyglass Artist John Lawrence £375
The Most Worst Artist Axel Scheffler£950
Kick and Prance; Dance Artist John Lawrence £350
Wallace and Gromit's Washomatic Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£750
At the library table Artist Edward Ardizzone£2450
Wallace and Gromit - Best of Friends Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£4500
Family shopping Artist Anita Jeram£375
Shop 'till you Drop Artist Anita Jeram£350
Best Friends Artist Anita Jeram£450
The Wild Things (Signed) Artist Maurice Sendak£4250
Max and the Wild Things (Signed) Artist Maurice Sendak£4250
Off To Bed (signed) Artist Maurice Sendak£4250
When he came to the river... Artist Emily Sutton£425
Tourists (rock) Artist Shaun Tan£4500
Botanical gardens Artist Shaun Tan£3750
The Subtle Knife Artist John Lawrence £395
The Windmills Artist Iassen Ghiuselev£3450
Find Your Way Back To Me Artist Alexis Deacon£750
Lions Artist Iassen Ghiuselev£3250
Woman in a bar Artist Edward Ardizzone£2250
The Farewell Feast Artist Iassen Ghiuselev£3450
The Return Artist Angela Barrett£850
Beast's long tail Artist Angela Barrett£1850
Crocodile jump Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1500
Beauty sleeps in the dark Artist Angela Barrett£5500
Joey - galloping Artist Rae Smith£1850
He is not the beast anymore Artist Angela Barrett£2750
Nemas Artist Alexis Deaconsold
A Christmas Carol (Standard Edition) Artist Angela Barrett£180
Beauty runs in the garden Artist Angela Barrettsold
Faizabad Market - Afghanistan Artist George Butler£1850
Shades of masked roses Artist Angela Barrettsold
Refugees at the camp at Idomeni - Greece Artist George Butler£1850
School Day Artist Bruce Ingman
Toad at the ticket office window Artist Inga Moore£850
'Toad knew that he was free' Artist Inga Moore£1850
GEIS - Front Cover Artwork Artist Alexis Deacon£850
Nelson Artist Alexis Deacon£495
Happy Eating! Artist Anita Jeram£425
Trump vs Clinton: Round One Artist Ingram Pinnsold
The Cake Bomb - A Matter of Loaf and Death Artist Mike Salter (Aardman)£3250
Envelope-Abstract Artist David McKee£350
Explosion Artist Rae Smith£1850
Edgelander Artist Chris Riddell
Me! Artist Lauren Child£4,950
Drip Dry Artist Anita Jeram£250
Eating a ball of string Artist Anita Jeram£195
Me and My Cat Artist Satoshi Kitamura
What's happening Robby? Artist Satoshi Kitamura£1250
A friend for Boots Artist Satoshi Kitamura£950
Wheeled Elephant Artist Emily Sutton£550
Marching Band Artist Emily Sutton£550
Toy Train Artist Emily Sutton£550
Mole on The Wild Wood Artist Inga Moore£1500
Ratty arms himself with clubs Artist Inga Moore£375
The Two Friends Artist Inga Moore£850
Bear Celebrating Artist Jane Hissey£3450
An Evening at the Cinema Artist Bruce IngmanSold
Charlie and Lola Artist Lauren Child£850
Moonsquirters (Artist's Edition) Artist Lauren Child£350
Envelope-Card Player Artist David McKee£350
The Witch's Wolves Artist Alexis Deacon£295
Giant Bull Artist David Vinicombe
Envelope-Factory and Beach Hut Artist David McKee£350
Envelope-Pinocchio Artist David McKee£350
The Speaker Artist David McKee£350
'Car Tarts' in Maida Vale Artist Edward Ardizzone£3750
Mrs Golightly Artist Edward Ardizzone£2750
Old Bear's Reading Time Artist Jane Hisseysold
Alethiometre Artist John Lawrence £375
Envelope-Crowd Artist David McKee£350
The Amazing Morph Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)£495
The White Rabbit's Hole Artist John Vernon Lord£2,250
Dragons Tales Artist Iassen Ghiuselev£3250
The Snow Queen Artist Debra McFarlane£1250
Her Eyes Were Big Black Buttons Artist Chris Riddell£1500
Fighting with the Giant Octopus Artist John McLusky£2450
'Through the Tempest' Artist Angela Barrett£4250
Mud Fights Artist Charles Fuge£1250
An Ape in Good Shape Artist Charles Fuge£1250
Never Lost a Case Artist Shaun Tan£5500
Smiley Piggy Artist Anita Jeram
Walking around the island Artist Angela Barrett£2750
Peepo! Artist Janet Ahlberg£350
Flying pig Artist John Vernon Lord£195
Mr Snagsby Artist Joseph Clayton Clarke (1857-1937) aka 'Kyd'£550
Guidance Artist Helen Jacob£750
Portrait of Ken Adams as an RAF Officer Artist Gerald Scarfe£5500
Moorhen and a Pond Artist Arthur Rackham (1867 - 1939)£3750
The Warm Snowman Artist Jane Hissey£1850
Misty Green Seedlings Artist Jane Ray£2250
The King Appeared Artist Jane Ray£2250
Danger Mouse Dangling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1500
Flying Through Space Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£950
Dogwalker Artist Shaun Tan£3750
Oh unhappy and forsaken Toad! Artist Inga Moore£2450
A motor car arrives at Toad Hall Artist Inga Moore£1250
The Most Wonderful Thing in the World Artist Angela Barrettsold
The Mad Tea Party Artist John Vernon Lord£2,450
The Snowstorm Artist Debra McFarlane£850
Sketches of horses at Windsor Mews Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£575
Lucia and Salvatore were married Artist Angela Barrett£3250
Bottom Gear Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Drawing Upon Drawing Artist John Vernon Lord£35
Bye Bye Blues Artist Ronald Searle (1920 - 2011)£3450
The Stirrup Cup Artist Ronald Searle (1920 - 2011)£3450
Under the Sun Artist Ronald Searle (1920 - 2011)£3450
Bond and Honey meet Dr No Artist John McLusky£3250
Bond disliked the assignment Artist John McLusky£1850
The First Schuss of the Gloria Run …' Artist John McLusky£5500
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Artist John McLusky£850
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Artist John McLusky£1250
What's Got Into The Old Man?' Artist John McLusky£2000
Smuggling Diamonds Artist John McLusky£475
Vesper and Bond are Captured Artist John McLusky£1250
'We've escaped' Artist Jill Murphy£3250
Granny arrived Artist Jill Murphy£3250
Paint-smeared children Artist Jill Murphy£3250
Storyteller Artist Shaun Tan£6500
Hatchling Artist Shaun Tan£3500
No Safe Passage Artist Shaun Tan£4950
The Donkey Artist Michael Foreman£850
NutCracker - The Queen in the Kitchen Artist Jan Pienkowski£2,550
The Owl and The Pussycat Artist Olivia Lomenech Gillsold
The Zookeeper Artist Alexis DeaconTBC
The Gorilla Artist Alexis DeaconTBC
Ottoline and the Purple Fox Artist Chris Riddell£10.99
She runs away Artist Angela Barrettsold
Nutbrown Hare Modeling Artist Anita Jeramsold
The Hunting of the Snark Artist Chris Riddell£12.99
Treasure Island Artist John Lawrence £20
Do my ears look big in this? Artist Anita Jeramsold
100 Hugs Artist Chris Riddell£9.99
Saint Veronica 1 (tile) Artist Jan Pienkowski£2,750
Meg's Spell Artist Jan Pienkowski£2,950
Dog Loves Fairy Tales Artist Louise Yates£12.99
Gun Team Artist Olivia Lomenech Gill£250
Under The Old Man's Hands Artist Wayne Anderson£3000
A Forest Made of Rubbish Artist Wayne Anderson£3750
The Old Man Walked Through The Silence Artist Wayne Anderson£3000
The Visitor Had Returned Artist Wayne Anderson£3000
The Tiger Who Came to Tea Artist Judith Kerr£595
Mog the Cat Artist Jan Pienkowskisold
Brexit Means Brexit Artist Ingram Pinnsold
Owl Asks The Animals Artist Brian Wildsmithsold
Cheep! Cheep! Artist Jan Pienkowski£850
Uncle Sam's Heath Issues Artist Ingram Pinn£750
Lonely Beach Artist Benedict Blathwayt£350
Nursery Cloth Books - Fun in a Boat Artist Jan Pienkowski£450
Nursery Cloth Books - Fun in the Rain Artist Jan Pienkowski£400
One day a woman came to the mill (tile) Artist Jan Pienkowski£2,750
Starry Eyed Artist Jan Pienkowski£650
Nursery Cloth Books - Friends dress up Artist Jan Pienkowski£550
Nursery Cloth Books - Friends play ball Artist Jan Pienkowski£450
Nursery Cloth Books - Fun in the Mud Artist Jan Pienkowski£450
Nursery Cloth Books - Fun on a Swing Artist Jan Pienkowski£450
Political dinosaurs Artist Ingram Pinnsold
Jolly Microbes Artist Jan Pienkowski£1050
Nursery Cloth Books - Friends Artist Jan Pienkowski£500
Nursery Cloth Books - Goldfish Artist Jan Pienkowski£390
Nursery Cloth Books - Bedtime Artist Jan Pienkowski£450
Everyone Eating! Artist Anita Jeramsold
Baba Yaga Artist Jan Pienkowski£1250
Tiger in Shoes Artist Jan Pienkowski£1,550
There Was Once A Wide, Windswept Place Artist Wayne Anderson£3000
Flakes & Whiskers Artist Jan Pienkowski£650
Nursery Cloth Books - Budgies Artist Jan Pienkowski£500
Nursery Cloth Books - Flying a Kite Artist Jan Pienkowski£400
NutCracker - Cats & Mice Artist Jan Pienkowski£2,450
NutCracker - The Mouse King & Clara Artist Jan Pienkowski£3,750
In The House Lived An Old Man Artist Wayne Anderson£3250
The Old Man Dreamed Artist Wayne Anderson£3750
But When He Awoke Artist Wayne Anderson£2500
Something Caught The Old Man's Eye Artist Wayne Anderson£3000
It Grew Bigger & Bigger Artist Wayne Anderson£3000
Slow Loris Artist Alexis DeaconTBC
Nemesis The Warlock Artist Kevin O'Neill£30.00
Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? Artist 'Plum' £6.99
Henny Penny Artist 'Plum' £3.5
Tiger Stripes Artist Jan Pienkowskisold
The Tin Forest Cover Artwork Artist Wayne Anderson£4500
The Tin Forest Title Page Artist Wayne Anderson£1350