Celebrating 40 Years of Aardman Animations
Goofy Smiley - Sky Blue Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Morph makes Chas sketch Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)sold
Goofy Smiley - Green Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Puppy Love Artist Gavin Lines (Aardman)£850
Recreate Bake - O - Lite poster Artist Gavin Lines (Aardman)£1250
The Amazing Morph Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)£495
The Cake Bomb - A Matter of Loaf and Death Artist Mike Salter (Aardman)£3250
Aard-man! Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)£750
Aard-man flying Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)£1250
Morph and Portable Hole (no.2) Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)£1250
Morph and Nailbrush Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)£750
Mister Morph - The Chat Show Guest Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)£850
Morph and Portable Hole sketch Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)£750
Hidden Talents Artist Nigel Davies (Aardman)£2250
Yorkshire Gothic Artist Mike Salter (Aardman)sold
Goofy Smiley - Royal Blue Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)Sold
Goofy Smiley - Brown Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)Sold
Recreate Have you seen this Chicken Poster? Artist Gavin Lines (Aardman)sold
Morph Waving Hello Artist Peter Lord (Aardman)sold
A Grand Day Out - Picnic Artist Aardman AnimationsSold
Wallace and Gromit: The Train Chase (Nick Park) Artist Aardman Animations£1850
Wallace and Gromit - Best of Friends (Nick Park) Artist Aardman Animations£4500
Early Man - Dug and Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Aardman Animations£3450
Wallace and Gromit's Washomatic (Nick Park) Artist Aardman Animations£750
Bitzer study (no. 1) Artist Aardman Animations£1450
Creature Comforts (First edition) Artist Aardman Animations£45
Timmy Time - Over the Rainbow Artist Aardman AnimationsSold
Creature Comforts - Nick Park's 'Jaguar' Artist Aardman Animations£2450
Wallace and Gromit - The Beano Strip Artist Aardman Animations£1850
Bitzer study (no. 2) Artist Aardman Animations£1250
Bitzer Artist Aardman Animations£1250
Shaun Tea Artist Aardman Animations£1450