In The Garden of Anita Jeram
10 July - 10 September 2018
‘The pictures, which are uncluttered, light, expressive and full of movement, match the poignancy of the text.’ The Times

‘Gorgeous watercolours illustrated this affectionate story. A perfect picture book.’ The Good Book Guide

This summer we are delighted to present 30 new pieces of original artwork by Anita Jeram, one of the world’s best-selling picture book illustrators. These newly released artworks focus on the wonderful lively and colourful characters bought to life in her many best-selling books, such as Guess How Much I Love You, Contrary Mary, Daisy Dare, You Can Do It Sam and many others.

This exhibition offers an unrivalled opportunity for visitors, enthusiasts and collectors to view and acquire pieces from a unique archive of Jeram’s work. Alongside there will be associated merchandising artwork and even some of Anita's rare and beautiful personal character-study embroideries.

Alongside the exhibition there will be a selection of signed books available for purchase, including anniversary copies her classic Guess How Much I Love You, one of the best-selling illustrated pictures books of all time with over 28 million copies sold in 53 languages during the past 20 years. This exhibition is sure to be the most exciting event of the summer holidays, not to be missed!

Also available for purchase will be a selection of signed books, including anniversary copies the bestselling classic, Guess How Much I Love You.
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John Vernon Lord at Illustrationcupboard
Summer 2018
John Vernon Lord at Illustrationcupboard

This summer we are delighted to present a special online exhibition of artwork by highly acclaimed illustrator John Vernon Lord, in celebration of his recent accolade of being named 'Illustrator of the Year' at the V&A Illustration Awards 2018.

Illustrationcupboard has proudly been exhibiting John’s work for ten years, including his outstanding illustrations produced for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Artist's Choice Editions) as well as other great literary classics. This online showcase highlights the strikingly imaginative, fantastical and avant-garde world of this truly unique artist, whose 50 year practice spans book illustrator, children’s author, and scholar. A selection of John's etchings, drawings and mixed media artwork are available for purchase alongside signed copied of his books.

Please note, this is an online exhibition only, however for a chance to see more of John’s artwork we recommend visiting our friends at the House of Illustration, who are currently showing an excellent exhibition of ‘John Vernon Lord: Illustrating Carroll and Joyce’ running until November. Details available at www.houseofillustration.org.uk

Original artwork starts at just £195.
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06 June - 06 July 2018
Shaun Tan is one of the great names around the world, not only for his books but film, animation and paintings. We are therefore delighted to present a very special collection of original artwork.

For the first time Shaun has released a selection of the final artwork that he produced for the world-famous book TALES FROM OUTER SUBURBIA.

This collection constitutes the published original drawings that Shaun produced for the book, and as such offers fans and collectors a very special opportunity to acquire this illustrated PUBLISHED ARTWORK from one of his books.

An opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED!

We are also showing a concept drawing of ‘ERIC’ as well as the beautiful surreal and fantastic oil paintings and pastel drawings that Shaun has produced a concept work and for his own pleasure. Some of these superb pastel works are of an impressive size and are truly amazing to see hung on the wall.

Alongside this work there will be a selection of Shaun's Giclee editioned prints, which he has produced himself in his studio, and are work produced for his best-selling book 'The Arrival' as well as 'Tales from Outer Suburbia'.

There will also be a selection of signed books available for purchase as well, including the impressive special edition of 'The Singing Bones' (£75).

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Karen Taylor Fine Art - British Watercolours
An exhibition of 18th and 19th century paintings and works on paper, including examples by Reynolds, Romney, Sandby, Rowlandson, T. S. Boys, Lear, Landseer and Cox, and a group of watercolours by John Sell Cotman and Louis Francia from a French collection which have not been seen in public since they were drawn in the 1830s.

The Illustrationcupboard Gallery
22 Bury Street, St James’s, London SW1Y 6AL

29 June - 6 July 2018
Late evening view Tuesday 3 July until 9pm
9.30am - 6pm weekdays
11am - 5pm 30 June & 1 July
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